Geaux Lead. Geaux Fight. Geaux Win. 

 New Orleans 

New Orleans 

The Project.


Grow The Party

Following 2016’s landslide win for Donald Trump, the Republican Party of Louisiana is working to ensure that we retain the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Senator David Vitter, expanding on the Republican Majority in the U.S. Senate by growing our party's effectiveness in Louisiana elections for years to come. This endeavor is codenamed: Project Geaux Red.

Project Geaux Red is committed to identifying and empowering Republican activists in every community across the State of Louisiana, and equipping them with the technology and information necessary to ensure Louisiana adds to the Republican Majority in Washington to help Make  America Great Again.


  • The Project - Grow the Party
  • Geaux Lead- Energize Local Communities
  • Geaux Fight- Enhance our Ground Game
  • Geaux Win- Identify and Turnout Voters in November 2014

Project Status


Project Geaux Red is started in 2013 and was designed to build a strong grassroots infrastructure across Louisiana. The LAGOP is strategically placing assets across the state, tasked with building relationships and serving as the main point of contact between local communities and the Republican Party.

LAGOP members are currently identifying Precinct Captains and Team Members across the state of Louisiana dedicated to engaging voters in their own neighborhoods. These Precinct teams will serve as campaign ambassadors to their communities, working directly with the LAGOP to build relationships with voters and deliver our message. Voter engagement, identification, and persuasion are the core focus of the LAGOP’s 2016 strategy. The runoff in 2016 comes down to one thing: Republican turnout.   

Top performing teams will receive recognition for their efforts through LAGOP publication, principal and surrogate personal contacts, and other rewards; such as VIP attendance at local events or complimentary access to the Election Night Victory Party.

Precinct Captains will be updated on a regular basis via email on campaign strategy, local events, and other Republican Party issues; as well as invited to join in weekly campaign conference calls, press briefings, tele-town halls, and round tables.

Join us today to stop Foster Campbell and the Louisiana Democrats and help Louisiana continue to Geaux Red in 2016! 

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