Geaux Lead. Geaux Fight. Geaux Win. 

 Baton Rouge Skyline

Baton Rouge Skyline

Geaux Lead. 

Energize Local Communities 


The backbone of the Republican Party is our local leaders that engage other Republican voters in their communities and neighborhoods on a regular basis. Geaux Red is making the initiative of building a strong conservative grassroots infrastructure our top priority for Victory, but we need local leaders like you to achieve this goal by becoming a Precinct Captain or Precinct Team Member.

Become a Precinct Captain. 

We are looking for one person in each and every targeted precinct across the state to work hand in hand with the LAGOP and the RNC to develop and implement our aggressive volunteer-driven effort taking the lead as our Precinct Captain. 

Precinct Captains will: 

  • Serve as the primary contact for the state and national party.
  • Help build and recruit a four to six person volunteer team in your neighborhood.
  • Work with Field Staff and Senior Staff at the LAGOP to conduct direct voter contact in your area on a regular basis
  • Be the first to know about action alerts and other critical information.

To Become a Precinct Captain:

Become a Precinct Team Member

In order to build the Republican Party at the local level and continue our success at the state level, we must find Republican activists willing to join a Precinct Team. 

Precinct Team Members are the “backbone” of the Republican Party in Louisiana.  They will be the eyes, ears, hands and feet of the LAGOP, as they will serve as the direct contact between the voters and the state and national Republican Party.

In coordinating volunteer efforts with Field Staff and Precinct Captains, team members will help the LAGOP:

  • Build Meaningful Relationships with Voters
  • Identify and Recruit Additional Team Members and Campaign Volunteers
  • Participate in Letter-to-the-Editor, Social Media, and Other Communications-based Programs
  • Distribute Campaign Gear
  • Identify Community Events for Campaign Involvement

To Become a Precinct Team Member:

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