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Remembering Landrieu's Qualification Presser

At ballot qualification a month ago, Senator Mary Landrieu faced questions about the then-budding controversy over her use of taxpayer funds to pay for private campaign flights.  Of course, now it has come out that Landrieu, by her own admission, illegally spent more than $33,000 of taxpayer money on 43 campaign flights. Two of Landrieu’s comments from that press conference are worth revisiting today.


“We will make them all public”

Landrieu tried to take the oxygen out of the developing story by promising a full audit of 16 years of her travel records that would be made public. She reneged on that promise by leaving out of her report most of her first term in office, during which she took at least one suspicious flight that she refuses to answer questions about.


“Not going to send anyone to college…”

Another Landrieu comment showed how out of touch she is with middle class Louisianans. She said of her air travel largesse “it’s not going to send anyone to college, it’s not going to build any levees, it’s not going to help people pay their flood insurance.” $33,700 is roughly 80 percent of the median income for a Louisiana family… how out of touch and callous does that comment sound now?

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