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Where is Mary Landrieu on Immigration?

It might be easy to forget given everything else going on, but there is still a major border security and humanitarian crisis unfolding right next door to Louisiana in Texas. 

This crisis hit home earlier this year when a woman was allegedly murdered in Metairie by an illegal immigrant that was freed as part of the Obama Administration’s “catch and release” policy. Now, according to a Time Magazine article, more than 1,000 illegal immigrant children have been relocated to Louisiana. Nationally, “few cities have absorbed more unaccompanied kids than New Orleans” straining the city's resources.

This is a major issue for Louisiana, but one that Senator Landrieu continues to hide from. Landrieu has kept a conspicuously low profile while the security and humanitarian crisis has unfolded next door to Louisiana, especially for someone who chairs a Homeland Security subcommittee. Still unanswered is whether Mary Landrieu supports a possible plan by President Obama to grant work permits to more than 5 million illegal immigrants. 

“Mary Landrieu’s support for amnesty and failure to address the security and humanitarian crisis along our southern border has taxed critical Louisiana resources and created an unsustainable situation in our state. Just like she has with the Keystone Pipeline, offshore drilling revenue sharing reform and ObamaCare, Landrieu continually fails to use her supposed ‘clout’ to deliver for the state.” – Jason Doré, LAGOP executive director


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