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RNC Releases New Web Video: “Stop Obama, Fire Reid, Defeat Landrieu”

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new web video “Stop Obama, Fire Reid, Defeat Landrieu,” highlighting Senator Mary Landrieu’s violation of federal law by chartering private planes with taxpayer dollars. This is the second time that the vulnerable Louisiana Democrat has been caught wrongfully spending taxpayers' money on private air travel, bringing her total for flights charged to her constituents to nearly $9,000. As a result, Landrieu will reimburse taxpayers an additional $5,700 for her use of a private plane to attend a campaign fundraiser in Dallas.
“Just like President Obama, Landrieu has no problem billing taxpayers for her campaign travel,” said Chairman Priebus. “The people of Louisiana deserve a leader that works to bring down America’s debt rather than one who contributes to it. Senator Landrieu should refund the Treasury for all taxpayer-funded charter flights, open up her travel logs for further review, and apologize to American taxpayers.”
View the video here and download the video here.

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