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Mike Bloomberg: Landrieu 'stood up' against gun rights

In an interview published recently by Rolling Stone magazine, liberal billionaire and Mary Landrieu backer Michael Bloomberg was asked how he was going to push more anti-Second Amendment measures through Congress.


Landrieu was one of three Senators Bloomberg specifically mentioned as having “stood up” to help lead his push for gun control. To reward Landrieu for her support, Bloomberg bankrolled an anti-gun group that announced plans to advertise on Landrieu’s behalf. This isn’t the first time Landrieu has benefitted from the New York Billionaire’s largesse – Bloomberg is also one of the top donors to Harry Reid’s Senate Majority PAC which has flooded the airwaves with false attack ads supporting Landrieu.


“After supporting President Obama’s anti-Second Amendment agenda, Mary Landrieu is continuing to receive support from anti-gun New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Not only is Bloomberg singing Landrieu’s praises for siding against law-abiding Louisiana gun owners, he’s spending millions to finance misleading attack ads supporting her floundering reelection campaign. Bloomberg’s support for Landrieu once again shows just how out of step with Louisiana she has become after 18 years in Washington and supporting President Obama’s liberal agenda 95 percent of the time.”– Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman



Bloomberg said Landrieu “stood up” for his gun control push
“I'm trying to support candidates – Democrats in the Senate and then the Republicans in the House – who will vote the right way on guns. Some of them have changed their positions … There are others who have stood up. Mitch Landrieu’s sister [Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu] stood up.”(Simon Vozick-Levinson, “Michael Bloomberg Isn’t Afraid of the NRA,” Rolling Stone, 7/8/14)


In January 2014, Michael Bloomberg Gave $2.5 Million To Harry Reid’s Senate Majority PAC. “Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $2.5 million to a super PAC aimed at helping Senate Democrats maintain their majority, a potentially significant development that could have a big impact in 2014. Bloomberg, one of the richest men in the world, made the donation to Senate Majority PAC, which is run by former aides to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and other top Democrats.” (John Bresnahan, “Michael Bloomberg Gives $2.5M To Senate Majority PAC,” Politico, 1/7/14)

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