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Landrieu's 'clout' in question

After 18 years in Washington, Mary Landrieu claims her clout and status as the Senate energy chair will help advance pro-energy policy in the Senate. But with Landrieu-endorsed anti-energy Senator Harry Reid in control of the Senate, that is simply not happening. A Wall Street Journal editorial today highlights the hypocrisy of Democrats campaigning against the new EPA regulations, which Landrieu even admits are out of her control.

“The Senate under the control of Landrieu-backed Democrat leader Harry Reid has turned into the place where good energy policy goes to die. Senator Landrieu can argue otherwise, but her continued support for Harry Reid only undermines her own power and the interests of the energy community she claims to look out for.” – Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman

From The Hill:     

“Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu's highly touted chairmanship on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee may not allow her to dive into the administration's new climate rule as much as she'd like.  Landrieu, who is facing a tough reelection battle this year, has run multiple ads boasting her powers as the new chairwoman on Senate Energy, and what it means for her pro-fossil fuels state of Louisiana.  And while Landrieu slammed the administration for its new proposal calling for 30 percent cuts in carbon dioxide emissions from the nation's fleet of fossil-fuel power plants by 2030, she admitted the standards are out of her jurisdiction.”  (Laura Barron-Lopez, Landrieu's Energy Gavel May Have Limits, The Hill, 06/04/14)

From The Wall Street Journal:

 “So it's no surprise that the Democrats running in those states are already denouncing the new EPA rule as if it had been written by some alien force. Incumbent Mary Landrieu (La.) is vowing to offer a bill in the Senate to overrule it … Her problem, however, is that such a bill will never pass the Senate as long as Democrats control it. The same is true for approving the Keystone XL pipeline.” (Editorial: Stranded Carbon Democrats, Wall Street Journal, 06/03/14)

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