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Landrieu stands by as new EPA regs impact Louisiana more than most states

According to the EPA’s own analysis, their new anti-energy regulations will impact Louisiana more than any other state on the Gulf Coast, requiring a 40 percent reduction in emissions from coal-fired power plants. Like the rest of the President’s anti-energy agenda, Obama’s energy chair Mary Landrieu has failed to stop these regulations from taking effect and raising electric prices on Louisiana families. If coming up empty on Keystone and rolling over as Obama’s EPA runs roughshod over Louisiana’s middle class is all Landrieu has to offer as energy chair, why should Louisianans believe she’ll take meaningful action when the Administration decides to come after the oil industry?


“Time and again, Landrieu’s so-called clout from being Obama’s energy chair is revealed to be nothing more than a talking point. After repeatedly coming up empty on Keystone, now Senator Landrieu is doing nothing to block Obama’s new EPA regulations that will result in lost jobs and higher energy bills for Louisiana families. Since all Landrieu has been able to deliver are victories for President Obama’s anti-energy agenda, how can Louisianans count on her when the Administration decides to come after the oil industry?” – Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman

Louisiana ranks 11th in states most affected by new EPA regulations


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