Geaux Lead. Geaux Fight. Geaux Win. 

Landrieu to raise money with EPA regs cheerleader Sen. Booker

Senator Landrieu is bringing New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, a cheerleader of new EPA regulations, to New Orleans Saturday to raise money for her struggling re-election campaign.

Booker called the new EPA regulations that will kill jobs, raise electricity prices and hurt Louisiana’s energy industry a “major step forward.” He has also been an opponent of the Keystone XL Pipeline and opposed natural gas production through fracking. Despite his strong anti-energy record, Senator Landrieu’s PAC cut Booker’s campaign a $5,000 check earlier this year.

How can Landrieu advance her agenda when she financially is supporting people that stand in the way of policies she claims to support?

“Senator Landrieu can’t pretend to be pro-energy when it helps her and then turn around and cozy up with anti-energy Senators right after. Mary Landrieu’s clout is a myth because anti-energy Senators like Harry Reid and Cory Booker can undermine Louisiana’s interests and still count on campaign checks coming in from her. Louisiana deserves a Senator that isn’t busy helping advance President Obama’s anti-energy agenda when they think no one is looking.” – Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman

Mary Landrieu may think she’s indispensible to Louisiana as energy chair, but the facts tell a different story:

The Landrieu record

-          Donated $5,000 to Cory Booker, who called EPA regulations a “major step forward,” opposes the Keystone XL Pipeline and increased natural gas production through fracking.

-          Donated $10,000 to Harry Reid, who killed the Keystone XL pipeline and said “Coal makes us sick. Oil makes us sick.”

-          Endorsed Reid to continue as Democrat leader, even though he stands opposed to pro-energy, pro-Louisiana policies Landrieu supposedly supports.

-          Failed to get Keystone XL Pipeline approved – says it’s “not my job” to convince President Obama to approve pipeline.

-          Voted for EPA administrator Gina McCarthy that is advancing job-killing coal regulations.

Paid for by the Republican Party of Louisiana. Not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee.