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Landrieu can't get Keystone in Obama's energy plan

In remarks in California this morning, President Obama laid out his latest energy agenda. Missing was any mention at all of the Keystone Pipeline that he, Harry Reid and liberal billionaire Tom Steyer have worked to kill.

Even as President Obama’s energy chair, Mary Landrieu lacks the influence to advance pro-energy policies in the US Senate. For Louisiana to prosper, the state needs Landrieu-endorsed Democrat leader Harry Reid out of power; the only way for that to happen is for Louisiana voters to elect a Republican to the U.S. Senate. Louisiana voters understand that Landrieu’s record of voting with President Obama 97 percent of the time hasn’t benefitted them, which is why a recent SMOR poll found 59 percent of voters thought electing someone new was more important than keeping Landrieu in office.

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