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Empty Promises

It’s should be clear by now ‘Indispensible’ Mary Landrieu’s actions don’t back up her words.

What does Louisiana get for Landrieu’s loyalty to Harry Reid and Barack Obama? They get ObamaCare but no Keystone. In just the last couple months, the White House has twice thumbed its nose at Landrieu’s calls to approve the Keystone Pipeline. Then, she finally got a vote on the issue.

Just a day before the vote, Landrieu claimed she had 60 votes for Keystone.

But when the vote came, Landrieu came up short of her promised 60 – even voting with Harry Reid to prevent a vote on the pipeline. Then she backed off her initial promise:

If all Mary Landrieu can do is try to advance pro-energy policy as Barack Obama’s energy chair, that is not good enough for Louisiana.

“Louisianans deserve more than a Senator who simply tries. They need someone who will deliver for the state on the important energy issues of the day. Mary Landrieu failed yet again to do so and should be held accountable for her failures.” – Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman

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