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Landrieu gives small biz no reason to celebrate

It’s small business week, but even as the former chair of the small business committee, Mary Landrieu’s record on issues that matter to job creators is no cause for celebration:


-          Cast the deciding vote in favor of ObamaCare, which the non-partisan CBO projected to reduce the workforce by 2.5 million full-time equivalent workers over the next 10 years

-          Because of Landrieu’s support for ObamaCare, small businesses will have their health plans cancelled – impacting up to 80 percent of small businesses and affecting as many as 46 million people.

-          Voted to keep the employer mandate in ObamaCare then misled Louisiana small businesses on the Senate floor, saying that ObamaCare did not have an employer mandate.

-          Voted to raise taxes on small businesses and individuals making more than $250,000

-          Earned a 36% rating from the NFIB for last full Congressional session

-          Supported Dodd-Frank, which makes it more difficult for small business owners to obtain credit

-          Rubber stamped an Obama agenda that resulted in 131 new major regulations and increased national regulatory costs by nearly $70 billion during Pres. Obama’s first term

If this was her record as Chair of the Small Business Committee, then it’s no wonder she’s failed to get Keystone approved as Obama’s energy chair.


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