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OBAMA'S RUBBER STAMP: Mary Landrieu Stands With ObamaCare, Against Louisianans, Votes with Obama a Shocking 97% of the Time

While today is April Fools' Day, Mary Landrieu's record on ObamaCare is no joke for most Louisianans. The vulnerable Senator voted with Obama a staggering 97% of the time, while consistently deceiving voters on the devastating impact that ObamaCare has had on families, workers and businesses in Louisiana.

Mary Landrieu remains stubbornly out of touch with Louisianans, even going as far as saying she would vote for ObamaCare again. In reality, 55% of Louisianans oppose this disastrous law, revealing that Mary Landrieu is more in touch with the liberal Obama agenda then she is with what is in the best interests of Louisianans. 

When selling ObamaCare to her constituents, Mary Landrieu repeatedly echoed President Obama's broken promise that if you liked your doctor, you would be able to keep your doctor. Yet, many Louisianans are in jeopardy of losing their doctors, health plans, and will see costs dramatically increase. Unfortunately, Mary Landrieu has a habit of making false claims about ObamaCare to Louisianans including:

  • Slashed: In 2010 Mary Landrieu voted to cut Medicare Advantage to pay for ObamaCare.
  • Lied: Mary Landrieu promised ObamaCare would "drive down costs for consumers and businesses."
  • Misled: Mary Landrieu repeated the Obama mantra, "those individuals who like the coverage they already have will be able to keep their current plan."
  • Cancelled: In September 2010 Mary Landrieu voted to prevent insurance companies from keeping their grandfathered status.

"Mary Landrieu repeatedly promised Louisianans that ObamaCare wouldn't harm seniors, families, and middle class workers, but that simply wasn't true," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "The real April Fools this year are Democrats like Mary Landrieu, who've spent years peddling falsehoods, spin, and lies about ObamaCare. Louisianans can't trust Mary Landrieu to be honest, but they are excited about electing a new Senator who will put the interests of Louisianans before the interests of Barack Obama and Democrats in Washington."


Mary Landrieu Promised Americans They Can Keep Their Coverage

LANDRIEU: “Lower and middle income people would receive subsidies to help them afford this insurance, while those individuals who like the coverage they already have will be able to keep their current plan. This is a very accurate description of this bill before us--the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” (Sen. Mary Landrieu, Congressional Record, 12/22/09, p. S13733)

In December 2009, Landrieu Repeated Obama’s Claim, “If You Like The Insurance That You Have, You’ll Be Able To Keep It.” LANDRIEU: “He told people if you have –” DR. DEAN: “– with a public option. That’s what he campaigned for.” LANDRIEU: “¬– if you like the insurance that you have, you’ll be able to keep it.” (MSNBC’s “Hardball,” 12/16/09)

Mary Landrieu Promised Americans ObamaCare Would Lower Costs

Landrieu: “I Am Voting For This Bill Because It Achieves The Goals I Laid Out At The Beginning Of This Debate: It Drives Down Costs And Expands Affordable Health Care Choices For Millions Of Families And Small Businesses In Louisiana And Around The Nation.”(Senator Mary Landrieu, “Landrieu Outlines Support For Senate Health Care Bill,” Press Release, 12/22/09)

October 2009: “Health Care Reform Is Necessary To Drive Down Costs For Consumers And Businesses, But It Must Not Be Allowed To Increase The Federal Debt, Landrieu Said.Moderates in Congress have succeeded in making that principle a priority, she said.” (Deborah Barfield Berry, “Landrieu Could Play Key Role In Health Care Debate,” Gannett News Service, 10/23/09)

Mary Landrieu Promised ObamaCare Wouldn't Harm Medicare

Landrieu Said ObamaCare “Strengthens Medicare.” “‘I am very comfortable with the Senate version of this bill, which is not a government takeover, which is a public-private response to a major problem, which has some significant cost-containment measures, which strengthens Medicare and gives the private sector more affordable options,’ Landrieu said. A recording of her remarks was provided by her office.” (Kevin McGill, “US Sen. Landrieu Holds Out Hope For Medicaid Fix,” The Associated Press, 1/20/10)

Mary Landrieu Supported The Obama Administration’s Rule That Led To Insurance Cancellations

In September 2010, Landrieu Voted Against A Resolution To Nullify An Obama Administration Rule Preventing Insurance Companies From Keeping Their Grandfathered Status If They Make Changes To Their Plans. “Enzi, R-Wyo., motion to proceed to consideration of a joint resolution that would provide for congressional disapproval of a rule regarding grandfathering of health insurance plans under the 2010 health care overhaul law.” (S. J. Res. 39, CQ Vote #244: Motion rejected 40-59: R 40-0; D 0-57; I 0-2, 9/29/10, Landrieu Voted Nay; Chris Frates, “Senate Democrats Supported Rule That Led To Insurance Cancellations,” CNN, 10/31/13)

The Rule Essentially Prevented Insurance Companies From Keeping Their Grandfathered Status If They Made Changes To Their Plans. “The rule essentially prevents insurance companies from keeping their grandfathered status if they make changes to their plans. In practice, insurance companies are loath to leave their plans unchanged so grandfathered plans are disappearing, and people are being forced to change their plans to meet Obamacare’s more robust coverage requirements.” (Chris Frates, “Senate Democrats Supported Rule That Led To Insurance Cancellations,” CNN, 10/31/13)


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