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ObamaCare Will Result in 2 Million Fewer Workers More Consequences of Mary Landrieu's Deciding Vote

Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued a report on the devastating impact ObamaCare will have on the economy. Despite repeated claims and promises by Democrat Mary Landrieu, the CBO found that ObamaCare will result in 2 million fewer workers over the next decade.


  • "CBO’s updated estimate of the decrease in hours worked translates to a reduction in full-time-equivalent employment of about 2.0 million in 2017, rising to about 2.5 million in 2024,compared with what would have occurred in the absence of the ACA.” (“The Budget And Economic Outlook: 2014 To 2024,” Congressional Budget Office, Page 127, 2/4/14)


  • Mary Landrieu Said The Senate Should Pass A Bill That Will Allow Small Businesses To “Thrive And Create Jobs For Years To Come.” “We must not let this chance slip by without making sure that we don't just pass any health care bill -- we pass a bill that will lessen the burden on small businesses and allow them to thrive and create jobs for years to come.” (Sen. Mary Landrieu, “Landrieu, Lincoln, Stabenow, Small Business Owners Discuss Positive Impact Of Health Reform On Small Businesses,” Press Release, 12/9/09)
  • Mary Landrieu Said “This Bill Is A Big Step Toward Fiscal Responsibility And A Stronger Economy.” (Sen. Mary Landrieu, Remarks On The Senate Floor, Washington, D.C., 12/22/09)


  • In October 2009, Landrieu Said She Would Be 100 Percent Accountable For ObamaCare. QUESTION: “My question would be about accountability. Would you be willing to accept 100% responsibility, 100% accountability for the failure or success of whatever you vote for?” LANDRIEU: “I do, already, because that’s what I do every election. I mean I, you all have to…when I run for reelection you say to me ‘Senator we like what you’ve done we voted for you, we don’t like what you’ve done we voted against you.’” (Sen. Mary Landrieu, Remarks Outside Town Hall, VIDEO,10/24/09)


"Mary Landrieu was the deciding vote for ObamaCare and that vote has had dire consequences for workers, families, and small businesses in Louisiana," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen.  "So many of the promises Mary Landrieu repeatedly made about ObamaCare have turned out to be false, and unfortunately middle-class Louisianians continue to pay the price."


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