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ANOTHER UGLY TRUTH FOR MARY LANDRIEU: In Louisiana ObamaCare Enrollment Dwarfed by Policy Cancellations

As the enrollment period for ObamaCare sputters to a close, it turns out that by a wide margin more Louisianans received cancellation notices than have signed up under ObamaCare.

As of February 1st, 32,864 Louisianans have signed up for ObamaCare. However, 92,739 Louisianans received cancellation notices.

It remains unknown how many of the 32,864 Louisianan who signed up were the same people who lost their plans because of ObamaCare to begin with. 

No matter how hard Mary Landrieu tries to convince voters otherwise, she knew many would lose health insurance plans and doctors that they liked as they are forced into the ObamaCare exchanges. This is - and always has been - an intended consequence of ObamaCare. Mary Landrieu has been a steadfast champion of President Obama's agenda, voting with him an eye-opening 97% of the time in 2013 (despite Obama's low approval rating with Louisiana voters). 

"So many of the promises Mary Landrieu repeatedly made about ObamaCare have proven false, and now it turns out that far more Louisianans had their health insurance cancelled than signed up for ObamaCare. This is a total embarrassment for Mary Landrieu and President Obama," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. “ObamaCare means higher costs, cancelled health care policies, and fewer hours for workers in Louisiana. Mary Landrieu wasn't being honest about ObamaCare five years ago and she's still not shooting straight today, and as a result Louisianans no longer trust her judgment."


32,864 Louisianans Had Selected An ObamaCare Plan As Of February 1, 2014.(“Health Insurance Marketplace: February Enrollment Report,” Department Of Health And Human Services: Office Of The Assistant Secretary For Planning And Evaluation, 2/12/14, p. 14)

According To Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, 92,739 People Have Received Notices That Their Insurance Will Be Cancelled Due To ObamaCare. “His policy is among the 92,793 individual insurance plans that Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon reported would be discontinued because the coverage does not meet the coverage standards set by the federal Affordable Care Act.” (Michelle Millhollon and Jordan Blum, “Business Owners Complain About Health Plan Changes,” The Advocate, 11/7/13)

In 2013, Mary Landrieu Voted With President Obama 97 Percent Of The Time.(CQ Voting Studies - Sen. Mary Landrieu, CQ Roll Call, Updated February 2014)


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