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Throwback Thursday: When Landrieu Voted To Allow Obama Executive Amnesty

With President Obama expected to announce sweeping executive action on immigration tonight, it’s important to remember that Mary Landrieu voted to allow him to do so. Senator Landrieu needs to be held accountable for her history as a lockstep supporter of the Obama agenda – including on his unconstitutional rewrite of our nation’s immigration laws.


“Like her failure to advance the Keystone Pipeline, Landrieu failed to stand up for Louisiana by voting to fund President Obama’s unconstitutional rewrite of our immigration laws.  Senator Landrieu’s lockstep support for the Obama agenda from ObamaCare to amnesty highlights just how far out of the Louisiana mainstream she has become.” – Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman


Throwback Thursday: July 31, 2014 – Landrieu flip flops to allow executive amnesty


Not only did Senator Landrieu vote to allow executive amnesty – she actually flip-flopped to do so. After initially voting against amnesty, Landrieu had her vote crossed out and switched to make sure the President could take the amnesty steps he plans on announcing tonight. The last time the President took amnesty steps like this, it caused a security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border… one that spilled into Louisiana.

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