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What They're Saying: Rough Headlines for 'Goner' Landrieu

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One week after the her disappointing showing on Nov. 4, national Democrats have abandoned Senator Landrieu as the Republican Party has already united around Dr. Bill Cassidy. 25 days out from the runoff and things are looking mighty rough for “goner” Senator Landrieu. Take a look at what they’re saying about her dismal chances.

Quin Hillyer, The Advocate: Mary Landrieu Should Cut Her Losses – “When your main campaign sales pitch is based on your “clout,” and you lose the basis of that clout, then your campaign is probably a goner. For that and other reasons, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu has almost no remaining path to re-election. Landrieu’s self-proclaimed clout as chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Energy always was rather illusory. Now, with Republicans running the Senate and a Democratic president wholly antagonistic to Louisiana economic interests, Democratic loyalist Landrieu will be doubly blocked from influence on behalf of the state.”

James Gill, The Advocate: Looks Like Landrieu Is Toast In Senate Race – “Regardless, the numbers suggest that, barring some spectacular goof on Cassidy’s part, Landrieu’s Senate career is approaching the end… Landrieu finished so narrowly ahead of CassidyTuesday that it appears she would be toast already had Maness not been in the race to snaffle almost 14 percent of the vote. Not all the Maness voters are sure to turn out in the runoff, but, if they do, it won’t be for Landrieu.”

Philip Bump, Washington Post: This is why Mary Landrieu is in serious trouble – “If you were to flatly assume that every voter who voted for a Republican last week will vote for Cassidy and every voter who backed a Democrat will vote for Landrieu, Cassidy would win by 180,000 votes. If you lop half of the turnout off of that you get ... Cassidy winning by 90,000. (Makes sense, right?) That's assuming that the turnout is the same party split. It's probably more likely to be more-frequent voters, meaning older voters. Which probably means more Cassidy voters.”

Chris Cillizza, MSNBC - “She finished the Jungle Primary last week one point ahead of Cassidy, a Tea-Party candidates got 14 percent of the vote, so this is going to be hard for her to win and running ads like this is an acknowledgement of that reality…There’s a concern on behalf of the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee to go further into debt….given the results of November 4th and what the polling shows it’s going to be very difficult for them to win.”

Cole Avery, Times-Pic: Rand Paul, Rob Maness Endorsements Show Far-Right Ready to Embrace Bill Cassidy - “Republicans of every stripe staged a united front to help Rep. Bill Cassidy in his quest to unseat Sen. Mary Landrieu, the last statewide elected Democrat, during a rally Monday at Huey's Bar in downtown Baton Rouge. The rally was headlined by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Rob Maness, a sign the far-right is ready to embrace Cassidy.”

Elizabeth Crisp, The Advocate: Republicans Rally For Bill Cassidy - Many of the attendees were dressed in red, white and blue. Supporters cheered for Cassidy and booed loudly whenever Landrieu or Obama were mentioned. They waved signs that riffed on Landrieu’s “I’m with Mary” slogan with the words Bill Cassidy “He’s with You” on them.

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