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Fellow Washington Resident Clinton Bring DC Values To NOLA

Senator Landrieu’s struggling campaign is pulling out all the stops, calling in “dead broke” Hillary Clinton to try and save Landrieu from a runoff, where she’d be “a goner.” But the DC ultra-insider Clinton’s arrival in Louisiana only highlights the many ways Landrieu has lost touch with Louisiana after 17 years living in Washington.

“Mary Landrieu and Hillary Clinton both played crucial roles in rubber stamping and implementing the failed policies of the Obama agenda that Louisiana voters are fed up with. Both Clinton and Landrieu are creatures of Washington, and far out of touch with the concerns and values of Louisiana.” – Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman

The Clinton File

Anti-energy: Supports cap and tradeRefuses to say where she stands on building the Keystone Pipeline

ObamaCare: Says 2014 Democrats should run in support of ObamaCare.

Aircraft of choice: Chartered private jets – at least a Gulfstream 450 or larger jet.

DC home: $5.5 million mansion

Out of touch comment about money: “Dead broke.”

Oh and don't forget this one on the death of four Americans in Benghazi:

The Landrieu File

Anti-energy: Undermines Louisiana interests by donating tens of thousands of dollars to anti-energy senatorsendorsing Harry Reid, and voting for anti-energy Obama bureaucrats.

ObamaCare: Continues to double down on the wildly unpopular law, even though nearly half of all Louisiana voters are strongly opposed to ittens of thousands of Louisianans received cancellation notices and hundreds of hardworking men and women are seeing their hours and pay cut because of its regulations. 

Aircraft of choice: Anything paid for by taxpayers – even when it’s against the law.

DC home: Senator Landrieu lives in a $2.5 million house on Capitol Hill in DC, and don’t you dare call it a mansion.

Out of touch comment about money: Said $33k illegally spent on taxpayer-funded campaign flights “is not going to send anybody to college, it’s not going to build any levees, it’s not going to help people pay their flood insurance.”

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