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Landrieu votes again and again for federal benefits for illegal immigrants

Mary Landrieu has tied herself in knots on immigration, probably because she knows her support for President Obama’s executive amnesty is out of touch with mainstream Louisiana.

Landrieu’s latest immigration flip flop is regarding illegal immigrants’ ability to receive federal benefits. Despite what her campaign claims, Landrieu has voted time and time again against eliminating loopholes that allow illegal immigrants to receive federal benefits. 

What she says: A Landrieu campaign official told us, “Senator Landrieu obviously believes that people getting tax credits illegally is wrong and we should try to stop that. This should be easy to identify and stop.” (False Choice: Veterans v. Immigrants –

But Landrieu has voted time and time again against blocking illegal immigrants from receiving federal benefits.

May 22, 2012: Reid Blocks Bill Closing IRS Tax Credit Loophole For Illegal Aliens


March 27, 2013: Senate Democrats Vote During Budget Debate To Give Free Health Care To Amnestied Illegals (vote tally here)

May 20, 2013: Judiciary Committee Votes Down Amendment Preventing Illegal Aliens From Drawing Public Assistance


June 27, 2013: Senate passes Gang of Eight Bill that “allows amnestied aliens to qualify for the refundable Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit—to the tune of $10 billion a year, according to Heritage.” (vote tally here)

December 17, 2013: “Sen. Jeff Sessions says a plan to cut retirement benefits for military retirees should be replaced with one to ensure billions of dollars of tax credits aren’t paid to illegal immigrants each year.” (vote tally here)


January 9, 2014: Senate Dems Vote To Preserve Credits For Illegal Immigrants, Block Fix For Vet Cuts & Unemployment (vote tally here)

January 12, 2014: “Republicans vowed to keep raising the issue, saying that having the IRS pay out tax credits to those who shouldn’t be in the country in the first place is a form of fraud… But Mr. Reid refused to allow the GOP to offer its amendment, which saved his fellow Democrats from having to take a stand.

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