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Landrieu down in yet another poll

New numbers out from the New York Times and YouGov show Mary Landrieu is in a tough spot just 29 days out from the November election.

Landrieu polls only at 36 percent in the November jungle primary, well below what would be expected for a three-term incumbent Senator. In the runoff election, she trails Congressman Bill Cassidy by six points, 47-41. That’s a five-point bump for Cassidy since the Times’ July survey. Underscoring her campaign’s challenges, the New York Times only gives Landrieu a 19 percent chance of winning.

Landrieu hasn’t led in polling averages since January, and she won’t be helped now that President Obama has said the failed agenda she voted for 97 percent of the time is on the ballot this fall.

Head to head runoff poll numbers

Cassidy – 47
Landrieu – 41

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