Geaux Lead. Geaux Fight. Geaux Win. 

Harry Reid Backtrack Highlight's Landrieu's Desperation

With one week before the November election, Senator Landrieu is desperate to avoid a runoff, where political observers acknowledge she will be “a goner.”


Voters have soured on her for her troubling track record as a rubber stamp for the Obama agenda, and Landrieu has not led in the polling averages all year. Now, she is not coming clean with voters about supporting Harry Reid to continue as an anti-energy Democrat leader – even while doubling down on her support for President Obama and inviting Hillary Clinton to campaign for her.


“Mary Landrieu isn’t backing away from her support for President Obama or ObamaCare, so her attempt to suddenly distance herself from Harry Reid after enthusiastically endorsing him doesn’t pass the smell test. The reality is, after spending millions of dollars supporting her campaign, Harry Reid has Mary Landrieu in his pocket and voters aren’t going to be fooled by her election week conversion.”  – Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman



When Asked In April If She Would Vote For Harry Reid For Leader, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) Replied “Absolutely.” “If Democrats suffer a bloodbath in November, their party may seek a change at the top — but right now, there’s little appetite for a leadership fight even in difficult political times. ‘Absolutely,’ Sen. Mary Landrieu, a vulnerable Louisiana Democrat facing voters this fall, said when asked if she would back Reid as leader no matter the outcome of the November elections. ‘We all share in success, we all share in the failures; we’re a team. But Harry Reid has tremendous respect of members of our caucus. … I don’t believe that he would be challenged in our party for leadership until he’s ready to step aside.’” (Manu Raju and John Bresnahan, “Harry Reid Set To Lead Democrats, In Majority Or Not,” Politico, 4/3/14)

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