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The Topics Landrieu Doesn't Want To Debate

Two issues Mary Landrieu is significantly out of touch with mainstream Louisiana on were inexplicably not discussed during the first debate: immigration and abortion.  

The Landrieu Record – Immigration:

-          Voted to allow President Obama to exercise executive amnesty.

-          Opposed building a “dumb fence” to address security along the southern border.

-          Failed to act to secure the border, despite serving as chair of a Homeland Security appropriations subcommittee.


The Landrieu Record – Abortion:

-          0% rating.

-          An abysmal 0 for 14 voting record on pro-life issues during the last six years.

-          Opposed pro-life bill authored by Louisiana Rep. Katrina Jackson (D) that passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

-          Supports taxpayer-funded abortions.

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