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Not credible or not competent?

"These proposals come in response to the political fallout of Obamacare's woeful and embarrassing enrollment launch one month ago. But they carry a potentially steep price: each harms the law's core goals by potentially destabilizing the market and raising premiums, experts and the insurance industry warn."

But Senator Landrieu has a short memory.  ObamaCare was written to force people who liked their current plans into the faulty ObamaCare exchanges. This is how senators like Mary Landrieu designed the law to work. That isn't a glitch or an unexpected occurrence, that is how ObamaCare is SUPPOSED to work – which is why there was so much objection to it.  The Obama Administration was well aware of this BEFORE the law was passed.  President Obama was well aware of it BEFORE the law was passed as this video shows.

Landrieu is just as accountable; three years ago she voted to support the Obama Administration’s grandfather rule, largely responsible for the cancellations.

Politicians like Mary Landrieu who are rushing to support legislation designed to mask that fact fall into one of two categories:  

  1. They were knowingly dishonest about people keeping their care  yet repeatedly promised otherwise, or,
  2. They are so incompetent that they didn't comprehend the legislation that they championed. 

Mary Landrieu is either not credible or not competent.  Which one is it?

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