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Mary Landrieu Sells Us Out Again and Votes to Exempt Herself From ObamaCare

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Harry Reid and Senate Democrats chose to shut down the government. Here are the two reasons why:

Senate Democrats refused to provide workers and middle-class families the same one year delay of ObamaCare that the President gave to big corporations.

Democrats actually voted to protect their special federal perks not available to other Americans in the ObamaCare exchanges. In other words, they want a privileged few to live under a special set of rules.

A one year delay of ObamaCare's individual mandate is supported by some Democrats in the Senate and the House because it is only fair in light of the reality that President Obama already granted the same delay to big corporations. In addition, more than 90% of Americans believe that Congress doesn't deserve special treatment from ObamaCare. If Democrats in Congress expect the middle class to be subjected to this terrible law, it's only fair that they too should have to be subjected to it.

Republicans have repeatedly tried to fund the federal government and to ensure fairness for all Americans on ObamaCare. Democrats like Mary Landrieu have decided that the law should only apply to some, which is simply unfair.

"Mary Landrieu would rather keep her special ObamaCare subsidy than apply it fairly to all Americans," said Brook Hougesen, Press Secretary for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. "Washington has been run by Democrats like Mary Landrieu for the last five years and it has been nothing short of a dysfunctional disaster. Mary Landrieu wants to delay ObamaCare for just a few privileged Americans and big corporations, but force middle-class workers and families to abide by it, and that's simply unfair. Americans deserve elected officials who will work together to find solutions to our challenges, but instead President Obama and Mary Landrieu have drawn red lines and refuse to even talk to those that disagree with them. Washington is dysfunctional, and folks in Louisiana deserve new leadership."

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