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Landrieu's ObamaCare: Special Carve Out for Unions

Mary Landrieu (D-LA) repeatedly promised middle-class Louisianans that ObamaCare is a good deal, yet individual health insurance costs could increase nearly 29% and tens of thousands are losing healthcare plans they like.

But a Wall Street Journal story makes clear that Landrieu did keep her promise to some: The unions who've donated more than a million dollars to Mary Landrieu's campaign.

While Louisianans' wallets are hit with the threat of a "fee per head [of] $63"  thanks to another hidden ObamaCare cost, Democrats have "suggested..[granting] a waiver for some insurance plans [on this] tax", specifically union plans.

Isn't that nice!  Mary Landrieu has managed to fill her campaign coffers with $1,228,000 in union contributions, while supporting an Administration that protects those union buddies from an ObamaCare tax. The Wall Street Journal makes clear, "there's no conceivable rationale—other than politics—for releasing union-only plans from a tax that is defined as universal in the Affordable Care Act statute."

"Mary Landrieu sold out middle-class Louisianans with her deciding vote on ObamaCare, but Democrats are working overtime to protect their union buddies from the disastrous law,"  said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen.  "Louisianans need someone who will put their interests before special interests and Mary Landrieu has shown once again that she can't be trusted to do so."

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