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Landrieu's Medicare Cuts Start to Affect Seniors

As the ObamaCare disaster continues to unfold, Mary Landrieu and National Democrats have resorted to deceiving seniors using their old and discredited MediScare playbook.

What's new this year is the blatant hypocrisy that Mary Landrieu and her liberal allies in Washington are exhibiting. Landrieu's deciding vote for ObamaCare cut $717 billion from Medicare - including nearly $9.8 billion directly from Louisiana ($14,339 per Medicare recipient in Louisiana). This also includes $154 billion from Medicare Advantage – which will hurt seniors. According to the Wall Street Journal, doctors are already being cut from Medicare Advantage plans because of the Administration's cuts to the program, and the New York Daily News reported that, "due to reductions in funding under the law, the Medicare Advantage programs, in which Medicare provides money for private insurers to cover seniors, have quietly started to cancel the contracts of  providers to save money."

This is only the beginning. More Medicare Advantage cuts are in store, which means fewer services and fewer doctors for seniors.  It's bad enough that Mary Landrieu repeatedly lied to Louisianans by promising that ObamaCare would allow people who like their health care plans to keep them.  Now Landrieu and Democrats in Washington are lying again - this time about Medicare.

“Mary Landrieu deceived Louisianans by repeatedly promising that those who liked their health plans and doctors could keep them under ObamaCare, and now she's back deceiving them again," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. “Landrieu's vote for ObamaCare cut Medicare and as a result doctors are being removed from Medicare Advantage plans, which will affect Louisiana seniors. Mary Landrieu wasn't being honest about ObamaCare four years ago and she's still not being honest today and seniors are left to deal with the costly consequences."

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