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Landrieu Focused on Agenda Too Liberal For Harry Reid

In a surprising move, Mary Landrieu has thrown her political weight behind a fringe, extreme candidate that is too far outside the mainstream for even Harry Reid.

Mary Landrieu claims that she isn't a liberal, but the decision to host a political fundraiser to benefit Rick Weiland, perhaps the most extreme liberal senate candidate in the country, reveals that she is open to an agenda that most Louisianians would view as dangerous.

Weiland's campaign is so far outside the mainstream that Harry Reid can't even bring himself to support it, telling Politico, "He's not my choice."  Weiland's agenda includes:

  • ObamaCare on steroids, including the public option
  • Single payer, socialized health care
  • Higher taxes for millions of Americans
  • New gun control measures
  • Higher taxes on American energy producers which would destroy jobs - which Landrieu claimed to oppose

"Mary Landrieu's support for this extreme liberal candidate whose energy policies would ‘hurt job production’ shows just how far outside the mainstream she has become with Louisiana voters," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "Supporting Rick Weiland reveals that Mary Landrieu supports an agenda that is not only too radical for Louisianians, but too radical for even Harry Reid, which is saying something."

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