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Landrieu Doubles Down on ObamaCare

Democrat Mary Landrieu and her campaign is in a tailspin caused by the ObamaCare disaster. A new web video responds to a WAFB report featuring Mary Landrieu boasting that she'd vote for ObamaCare again given the chance.

Landrieu's double down on ObamaCare comes on the heels of her recent declaration to reporters that, "I'm not concerned about ANYTHING". But if that is true, why has Landrieu been promoting legislation that seems to run counter to that claim?

The fact is Landrieu was the deciding vote for ObamaCare and even joined Senate Democrats to support the very ObamaCare rule that's responsible for the health insurance cancellations that have caused so much consternation for more than a month.  Maybe Mary Landrieu isn't concerned that over 80,000 Louisianans' health insurance policies are in jeopardy, but she certainly should be.

"For years Mary Landrieu repeatedly made blatantly false promises about ObamaCare," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "Maybe Mary Landrieu isn't concerned that over 80,000 Louisianans' health insurance policies are in jeopardy, but she certainly should be. After all the deceptions, lies and broken promises about ObamaCare over the last four years, Louisianans have a hard time believing anything that Mary Landrieu says about the unpopular law."

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