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Harry Reid Needs Mary Landrieu to Enact His Agenda

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made clear that he plans to stick around for eight more years as the Senate Leader. Re-electing Democrats like Mary Landrieu is a critical part of that plan.

Roll Call reports "Reid is up for re-election in 2016 and has repeatedly said he intends to run again. He reiterated that intention again and indicated he’s looking at serving another full term running the Senate, if Democrats hold onto the majority the entire time."

It's no secret that Harry Reid will do everything in his power to re-elect Democrat Mary Landrieu because he knows that a vote for Landrieu for Senate equals a vote for Harry Reid as Majority Leader.  Reid is counting on Mary Landrieu to be a reliable vote for the liberal Obama-Reid agenda.

"Harry Reid is making clear to Louisiana voters that he and President Obama need Mary Landrieu in Washington to enact their radical agenda," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "A vote for Mary Landrieu equals a vote for eight more years of Harry Reid running the Senate, which means higher taxes, ObamaCare on steroids, a war on energy, and an attack on Second Amendment freedoms. That's bad for Louisianians. "

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