Geaux Lead. Geaux Fight. Geaux Win. 

Democrats' Playbook in Louisiana

Be careful - some folks are going to try to spin you today. How badly? So badly that even MSNBC host Chris Matthews calls it "insane talk."

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) will try to claim that the electoral results in Virginia are somehow a referendum on next year's Senate election in Louisiana.

As Chris Matthews responded, "This is really unfortunate... I want thinking people on the show, people who give honest answers."

In advance of the spin that the DSCC will send your way, we wanted to offer a little straight talk on what the lessons of this Election Day actually are.

Previously, we said that, “ObamaCare is a huge political problem because it's a vehicle that drives home a crisis of credibility and competence for Democratic candidates. People of all stripes yearn for credibility and competence in Washington, and the Democrats controlling things can't claim to be either.”

In New Jersey, Governor Christie’s first term is a model of competence and credibility. Voters know Christie says what he means and means what he said. Further, his strong handling of multiple crises in the Garden State exuded competence and the type of leadership too often lacking in Washington.

In Virginia, there are also lessons to be learned. When Democrats are stuck with a flawed candidate - like Terry McAuliffe in Virginia - (or someone like Mary Landrieu), they are left with only one option – destroy the opposition. Make it a race to the bottom. This isn’t just a page in their playbook – it is their playbook. That's why observers of the Virginia governor's race have called it one of the nastiest in recent memory.

Expect more of this from our opponents throughout 2014.  Democrats will run one of the nastiest, most divisive campaigns that the public has ever seen in Louisiana because they are defending a vulnerable Mary Landrieu who is facing a great deal of credibility and competence problems.  Democrats will ignore policy and focus on personal destruction – a process that was on full display in Virginia. The War on Women. Charges of racism. The ugly politics of division.   A race to the bottom is the only way that they can win.

But Louisianans will know the truth - that Mary Landrieu suffers from a competence and credibility crisis - and are looking for a strong alternative. Someone that exudes competence and the type of leadership too often lacking in Washington. Louisianans know that person is not Mary Landrieu.

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