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Between a rock and a hard place: Obamacare and Landrieu’s attempts to fix it

According to a report on November 19th by the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities, Landrieu’s bill “would likely cause substantially higher marketplace premiums” as a result of the requirement posed to insurers. The requirement would mandate insurers to continue providing individuals enrolled as of December 31, 2013, “on a permanent basis,” not just a single calendar year, even if their current plans do not meet the Obamacare minimums. This would therefore create a separate group of individuals, not be included in these grandfathered plans, who would be required to comply with the Obamacare requirements “creating two markets with disparate rules.” This second group would be those purchasing their coverage on the Obamacare marketplaces, and is expected to be more costly to insure therefore victims of much higher marketplace premiums.

The requirement in Landrieu’s bill is “unworkable” according to the report. In a separate piece, the Center for Economic and Policy Research went so far as to say Landrieu’s bill was a “government takeover of the insurance industry.”  They even accused Landrieu of “just introducing [the bill] for political purposes.”

Landrieu’s alternative seems to fall short of the fix Obamacare needs.  The Senator is quickly finding herself between the rock that is the “bungled” Obamacare and the hard place that is her own “highly problematic” “government takeover.”

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