Geaux Lead. Geaux Fight. Geaux Win. 

Harry Reid Backtrack Highlight's Landrieu's Desperation

Voters have soured on Mary Landrieu for her troubling track record as a rubber stamp for the Obama agenda, and Landrieu has not led in the polling averages all year. Now, she is not coming clean with voters about supporting Harry Reid to continue as an anti-energy Democrat leader – even while doubling down on her support for President Obama and inviting Hillary Clinton to campaign for her.

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New AP Poll Troubling Sign For Landrieu

More bad polling news for Obama rubber stamp Mary Landrieu. A new Associated Press poll released yesterday shows Republicans up 8 points on the generic ballot, slightly better than the 7 point lead the GOP had this time in 2010. Even more troubling for Landrieu, voters side with Republicans on 7 of the top 9 issues, and after trailing by 7 points with women in their previous survey, the GOP now has a 2 point lead. Not where Democrats like Landrieu want to be. 

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Landrieu can't find a friend among election prognosticators

More and more people are seeing the writing on the wall for Senator Landrieu’s struggling campaign. After trailing in the polling averages all year long and a recent string of polls showing her down by a significant margin in a head to head matchup with Congressman Bill Cassidy, the Rothenberg Political Report just changed the Louisiana Senate race from “Toss-up” to “Toss-up/Tilts Republican.”

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Landrieu Down 9 in New Poll

 Landrieu trails by nine points in a head to head matchup against Congressman Bill Cassidy, 52-43, and remains in the low 40s in the November election. And in a sign of how toxic the national environment is for Democrats, Republicans lead on the generic ballot 50-43 according to a new ABC News / Washington Post poll of likely voters – nearly identical to their survey from the same period in 2010.

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Landrieu's desperate Hail Mary

Mary Landrieu has been dogged by controversies over her illegal use of taxpayer funds for campaign travel and living full time at a $2.5 million Capitol Hill mansion. So today she did what desperate campaigns do, and she fired her campaign manager 27 days before the November election.

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Obama Raising More Cash To Benefit Landrieu

President Obama will attend his 415th fundraiser since taking office today, where he’ll be adding to the millions of dollars he has helped raise to benefit liberal Democrats like Mary Landrieu. This year alone, President Obama has held 56 fundraisers, including 15 exclusively for Senate Democrats, making clear beyond his own pronouncement last week that he is indeed on the ballot this year in Louisiana

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